Tattoo After Care

The healing and possibly the look of the healed tattoo is your responsibility. We do everything on our end to make an amazing and safe tattoo please follow these directions. If there are any questions please call us immediately. 702-564-7841.

After your procedure please apply a LIGHT coat of Aquaphor Ointment with clean fingers and massage it in lightly. If it is super gloopy it is too much. Apply the ointment for the first 3-5 days or until it peels. At that point regular hand lotion can be used. The tattoo will have a light “sunburn” peel and it is normal for it to itch. For the first two weeks you should avoid soaking the area. Regular showering is fine but no Hot Tubs/Swimming. You should avoid dirty or unsanitary conditions or anything that may damage the tattoo.

If at any time during the healing period you have any questions CALL YOUR ARTIST! We’re sure your uncle’s brother’s best friend knows everything there is to know about tattooing but if you do not follow our instructions then we will void your lifetime guarantee! After the tattoo is fully healed (approximately 1 month) if there is any touch ups needed please contact your artist. A visual inspection will be necessary before a touch up appointment will be made. The cost of the touch up will be covered in the cases of natural healing. There will be a charge if we suspect other than natural healing as reason of loss of pigment.